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There is something incredibly humbling about purchasing jewelry through a box that gives back! Knowing that you can help someone sustain a better life and provide for their families has such a huge impact on my life personally. Something as simple as jewelry each month makes my style better and gives me a chance to do some good.

Stephanie - Calgary, CA

Every month it warms my heart knowing I am impacting others around the world by purchasing The Giv Box. Plus, I love getting on-trend jewelry monthly with out having to find time to shop!

Candice - Alberta, CA

I love being able to help others across the globe. Once a month I know someone is receiving help to feed and support their family, keep their children in school, or provide for their communities. My jewelry collection has grown and every piece I have is unique and has its own story to tell. I love it!

Sindee - Salt Lake City, UT

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