3 Style Tips Every Woman Must Know


Jen Clyde is here to show you how to freshen up your wardrobe for 2019! She brought in models to show you how you can up your fashion game and really show off your personality through your style with these tips!

1. Pay attention to the loose/fitted ratio

  • Wear a fitted top with loose bottom or fitted bottom with loose top. If you like to double up on your fit then own it and use accessories to help give interest.  

2. Balance your upper/lower body for a confident look 

  • I always try to have a balance between what I'm wearing in my upper and lower body. If I'm wearing some simple jeans or a simple skirt, I try to add some scarves or lots of necklaces. If I wear lots of neck accessories I avoid using big hats and lots of bracelets. And it's the other way round: If I'm wearing some saggy jeans with a huge belt I try to keep it simple in the upper body. It's all about the balance and knowing when and where to add value to your outfit. 

3. Play up your basics to add more outfit options

  • A plain T-shirt lets an ornate skirt or jacket take center stage. If you choose a colored shirt, be sure to keep other pieces in complementary hues or neutrals. Wear it to work, out on a date, around the house, to the gym, and remember a plain t shirt is a powerful item to have. 

Jen also launched her own business "The Give Box." It is a subscription box that gives you cute, cool and trendy jewelry!

"I really wanted to design and develop something to empower other women that doent have that chance in other countries," said Clyde. 

For more fashion tips to spice up your style or subscribe for your very own "give box" visit:thegivbox.com or her Instagram @jenstyles