3 Ways To Wear Pastels

How To Rock Pastels This Spring And Still Look Cool!! 

Say hello to Pastels, baby! It's no surprise, pastels are back in trend, as they are sweet, soft, and easy on the eyes!  We see so many beautiful lemon, mint, pale pink and dusty blue hues around.

If you are a beginner in the world of pastels, then I recommend you to stick to the basics at first and then upgrade your look by adding more shades and soft hues. Stick to these rules and you will be always look good in this fab trend. 

1. Stick to minimalism. Yes, you should never overdo with pastel shades. Believe me, sometimes one color head-to-toe pastel look can be too much. But not for everyone....but if it's for you, try to keep things more basic and use one pastel colored garments in one outfit, mixed with a black, cream, grey solid classic color pallet to ease into things keeping things chic and your smile bright. Basically it's all about the ACCESSORIES or single hue in this look. 

2. Step up the Fun. Wear two matching pastel colors and marry it with...yep you guessed it a classic hue. (examples of classic hues in #1) This helps bring in fun pastel pattern ect. Lastly, work in pops of fresh neutrals that break up the look, like the bright white sole of your sneakers, epic ’90s eyewear, and a Tshirt layer that makes it feel like you’re wearing this look (versus it wearing you). 



3. Head to Toe. Confident and bright pastel outfit. Jumpsuit, dress, or two matching monochromatic colors...it won't matter because you wear it, you rock it all spring long. 


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