Connect with Artisans in Colombia

Vibrant, eclectic, and made from the hands of women empowered. The story woven into your colorful June box comes all the way from Colombia, with love!

Meet Luisa, who, alongside her daughter leads our talented artisan group here in Colombia. Women are the leading artisans within the tribes, creating a cultural legacy through their art of weaving these bright colors, and whimsical patterns together, passing the skill onto their daughters through generations.

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Plus add some other Exclusives to your box for free shipping at the same time! Handmade in Colombia too! 

Inside each box, you'll find the stunning, Handmade multi beaded bracelet, boho black beaded turq bracelet, and matching necklace, yes girl we said all three! Each box, and exclusive necklace, and earring is handmade by members of the Embera tribe, an indigenous community in Colombia. For them, weaving is not just a job, it is an art that carries the traditions that connect the indigenous with their ancestors.

The Embera people face challenges such as displacement, poverty, and violence but are determined to keep their values and methods intact and find work that honors the strength they carry against all odds. 


In their own words

"We are a group of university and indigenous friends and family members of the Embera Eyábida and Embera Chamí ethnic groups of the municipalities of Tarazá, Jardín, Cáceres and San Lorenzo. We have come to the city of Medellín, some of us come with the opportunity to study, others hoping for work, and others under more sad circumstances, but all with the hope of a better future. "


You Giv

With each purchase of the June Giv Box, you are directly giving the chance to these women, who come from so little and fight for so much, the opportunity to work and support their families, and carry on the momentum to their daughters, paving the way to a better future.

Our partnership is empowering these women to support themselves and their family independently without reliance or dependence on a male head of home, while gaining valuable business experience and learning opportunities. They are part of a new generation of Colombian females that aspire to work freely outside the home and regard employment and independence as a means of facilitating upward social mobility, talk about #GirlPower

Women like Luisa can thrive, through women like you! With each purchase, wear, and share of the June collection, you are connecting and creating with the beautiful artisans of Colombia.

But wait, there’s more!

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 Thank you again for supporting, uplifting, and connecting. 


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