December Giv Box

Made by: WAKAMI - KIEJ de los Bosques, S.A.

Wakami is a fair trade enterprise founded in Guatemala by Cornell University graduate Maria Pacheco, collaborating with several rural artisan groups throughout Guatemala. A strong focus on community development, social entrepreneurship, and fair wages has vastly improved the lives of all the women artisans and their families. The idea behind Wakami is Dreams + Opportunities = Change.

Wakami works with its sister NGO, Earth Communities, which in turn provides coaching to the communities on business plans, craft training and anything else the women need to create and maintain a sustainable business. They have created a new concept, “Wakami Village,” which is a platform for change in the rural areas that provides the opportunity for all women to transform their lives, as well as their families’ lives and the welfare of the community. Wakami producers create woven jewelry that is sold in over 24 countries all over the world.

Job creation and women’s empowerment has had four great areas of impact in the communities, starting with family, education and nutrition where all children are monitored and checked; better living with clean water filters, solar energy equipment and organic produce; and community impact where everyone works on projects like improving roads, building parks and creating cultural spaces for everyone.