Empower Africa Artisans


We're so honored to have collab with Dreamer's & Co. We have been working on this project for the past 8 months and all of are so excited to create impact together as we collab for the month of Feb. 

The income earned from the GIV box order directly affects 7 artisans, but indirectly affects around 45 people.

These women live in community with their families, and families run from 8-16 people in one house, with only 1 to 2 people holding a full-time job, sometimes none.

The money these artisans make goes directly to helping feed their families, provide diapers, formula, and pay the electric bill.

Their hard work contributes to their family’s income and in turn it provides dignity, empowerment, and flourishing.

With your help by purchasing the Giv Box, you have a unique opportunity to really spread love around the world for others, to help create purpose, love, and life long impact to others. 

What comes in the box? Glad you asked. 


Thanks So much to Dreamers & Co for being so great, and I can't wait to create change in the world with you all of you! Happy Love month!