Empower Artisans In Vietnam

May has sprung new opportunities for the Giv Box and we so are excited!

Meet our brand new Artisan group from Vietnam. They have come to us at a time where we needed some talented new Artisans and their talents are endless. Their crafts have such beauty and capture their culture and lifestyle so beautifully. Their talents are endless and they have passed down from generation to generation for us to enjoy. 

The Giv Box has collaborated with these beautiful Artisans from Hmong Villages in the mountains in, Vietnam. Though life is peaceful, people still face many difficulties because they live mainly on self-supply. Now working with companies like us by selling their traditional ethical products, they have gained another source of income besides just living straight from agriculture. This has allowed them to send their children and grandchildren to study as well as improving their meals and main nutrition to themselves and their families. Each time they get more work by us and other Fair Trade companies, their overall income has increased giving which has given them them good health and a better way of life for them and their families. It's helped their over all communities as well. 

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome this group of Artisans to The Giv Box family. Now let's go empower them by subscribing to their beautiful hand made goods and give them a reason to keep making their unique crafts. 


What's In the box? 

This handmade Spring Scarf if light, beautiful, handwoven, dyed, and stamped. Yeah! I know it's UH-MAZING. Look how it all starts out. 

After Their beautiful process you end up with the cool colors of light springy blues and greens. Awww they did an amazing job all for You! We are so glad because everyone needs a head scarf, regular scarf, swimsuit cover up! The possibilities are endless! They told me they had a blast working together and making these beautiful pieces for us. 

Here is what it all ended up like after their hands made beauty. 

I know isn't it amazing? Best news is there are two huge never before seen Giv Box extra goodies just for YOU! 

We have partnered with two amazing woman owned companies that are all about empowering others dreams a living a GivLife culture. Both women are empowering their own dreams by being brave and living their truth and starting their women owned companies. So guess what? Here is the big surprise 

They have given you a sample of their products that were designed for this box and a just an extra empowering gift inside for the month of MAY just to enjoy giving a little bit more this month.


To meet these beauties and learn about their story and what products you can find to help support their dreams click HERE! 

From Toasted Ginger inside your box! Which one will you get? 

From Jamila A little charm for all your bracelets and necklaces or even rings! Check out this cool shell trend to match your Giv Box perfectly. 

Click their images to learn how to shop more from their sites and learn about their empowering inspiring GirlBoss stories. Make sure to find them on social media so you can tell them THANK YOU!  






So what's inside? A value of over $100 dollars for only $39.99 wow!! It's the best Giv Box Yet! Let's get to giving click HERE TO GET YOUR GIV BOX!