Empowering India in November

November Giv Box is empowering women Artisans like Ruby From India have safe work places and receive Fair Trade Wages to help support her family and love for creating. Here how how your Box this month is creating purpose and opportunity to women in India. 

Ruby’s Story

Ruby was born in a small village in Bihar, India. The name of the village is
Shekhpura in District Gaya. After completing her primary education, her parents
took her out of school due to financial problems, so that she could help her
mother with household chores. Once she was of age, her parents got her married,
where she moved with her husband near Delhi, in search of a livelihood. While
her husband found some small contractual work, they were still not doing well
In 2005, CFM Market Linkages Private Limited (CFM) had started working with
an artisan workshop in Ruby’s neighborhood. Upon hearing this, Ruby
expressed her willingness to learn the crafts & her need of work. CFM began her
training then, and neither CFM nor Ruby have looked back since.
Ruby is now 39 years old, a master craftswoman who is happily working, earning
a livelihood and imparting her learnings to other women in the community.

We asked Ruby to share her thoughts on the work she does with CFM -
“I love the art and culture of my country, and I enjoy the work that I do. The
products that I make, along with other fellow artisans, are marketed through CFM,
which is constantly giving us a lot of inputs and making us aware of our potential
and our rights. We love showcasing our art and talent to the outside world work to
create fresh designs, using our traditional crafts. Sometimes, the new products look
difficult to make, but once I start the process, the ideas and solutions come quite
quickly, often with some guidance from CFM’s designer.”
We asked her to share how her work has impacted her family –
”It has greatly improved my life and that of my family. We now have a sustainable
income, and I am able to support my family. I have three wonderful children -
Sachin Kumar, Komal and Saurabh. The most important thing to me is to see my
children well educated, as I never got that opportunity myself. Thus, I was over the
moon when CFM started an after school program, right in my workplace. My
children are learning a lot more, doing better in school and it gives me the chance
to continue working in the afternoon, even though their school is over. “

We asked her what she would say to the people who are buying her products –
“I would like to tell them that if they are happy with the products they are buying in
terms of quality, design and price, they should talk about it with their friends and
family and help spread the word as it would greatly improve employment
generation for our community and our country.”


This month box was in production for about 8 months. This bracelet stack is layers of cool mixtures of beads and stones that represent beauty. Many of the beads on this months bracelet is made out of the stone Magnesite stone which means: 

Magnesite is a wonderful relaxing and calming stone to use in meditation. It has the potential to aid you to create quite amazing changes in your life. It is a strong stone for creative visualization and imagination, and it will aid the development of psychic visions of exceptional clarity.

Watch how your bracelet was made straight from Ruby and her friends in India. Here!


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