Tips & Tricks on how to shop your own closet

Jen Clyde, founder of The Giv Box did a Shop your own closet style segment today featuring of course amazing cool jewelry from the Giv Box. Watch it here...or read it below.

Save Money and shop your own closet this season. Raise your hand if you are like many of us and feel like at the beginning of a new season, I always feel like I have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear! Well don’t worry, i know after the holiday season you don’t have a lot of money, and that’s why I am here. Here are my top tips to shop your own closet and fall in love all over again with those old favorites. Grab a pen and paper, and write down these tips on making the best wardrobe closet for 2019. This guide will help you shop your own closet and take a fresh look at your existing wardrobe

    1. Clean out w/ a check list:

    Cleaning out can be not only long and tiring you may not know what to keep and what not to keep. You might not be able to afford a stylist to sit by your side and help you so I made a check list so you can have all the questions you need to ask yourself.

    1. Does it fit poorly?

    2. Is it too hard to clean so it’s always in the hamper?

    3. Does it have an embellishment or detail you don’t like?

    4. Is it a bad fit for your lifestyle?

    5. Is it a loner (i.e. is it hard to match with anything else in your closet)?

    6. Is it faded or stained?

    7. Is it so uncomfortable that you’re basically tearing it off once you get home?

    8. Ask yourself how many times have you worn it in the past 6 months. If less than 10 get rid of it.

  1. Document what you own and like:

    • Take photos of your items for your own style pics. You can view everything in one place. It’s a lot easier to shuffle through photos while coming up with outfit ideas than sorting though a huge pile of clothes.

    • A closet inventory so you don’t forget what you have.

    • Start building your basic foundation of clothing pieces like denims, white shirts, black and brown shoes, black blazer, black sweater, and all the accessories to change up a look in an instant.

  2. Style Time:

    Now it’s time to shop your own closet. We will mix, match, and give you looks you can refresh and fall in love with all over again. For example, above we talked about foundation pieces. We start there. For example see below with tan pants being a part of the foundation pieces you have to have so you can make many looks for many different events you will experience in your life.

shop your own closet

JC random Shop Your Closet Tip…use the the 3 to 1 ratio rule which means that it’s good to have 3 tops to go with every bottom in your wardrobe. It makes shopping your closet that much easier. Not a must but so helpful!

Accessories Add Excitement:

These bad boys, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and belts, can change any outfit, at any time, dressy or casual, in an instant. It’s like the parsley on the dinner platter. It just makes it that much more interesting to look at. Accessories are the key to styling outfits. You must own colors, golds, silvers, and something that will sparkle, because it changes a look fast and easy. So start filling up your jewelry boxes because it adds excitement to any outfit.

5. Alter it:

Before you toss it….think about adding extra holes in those belts. Larger or smaller. Clean up the tarnished jewelry to make new again. Alter it to make it fit better, or sew up some holes in those favorite jeans. Make those Jeans into shorts for summer swim suit cover ups. Reuse and make new before you toss it.

6. Document it all:

Take photos of all your fun outfits and upload them into your computer or phone so you can find them right away at your finger tips when you need fresh ideas, so you can stay away from that mall for awhile and yet still look like you just shopped all weekend long.


To see the full show I did on Good things Utah today please Click Here.