Helping Haiti In April

THE STORY of how it all started:

A young mother of two wanted to add to her family through adoption. After spending a week at an orphanage in Haiti, she was surprised to find out that these children had mothers who were alive, but just too poor to care for their children. She set her heart on providing jobs for at risk mothers, so that they would be able to keep their kids. Shelley Jean (read her interview w/the Giv Box Here) started this beautiful group of Artisans because no child should ever be abandoned because of poverty. Every Giv Box you order in April, you help provide the opportunity of a lifetime for mothers and fathers in Haiti.

The Artisan Market Place in Haiti where they beautifully make these clay beads and glaze them by hand are all fair-trade certified, socially conscious and live by this lifestyle brand dedicated to supporting at-risk mothers and fathers with full-time artisan jobs in Haiti. Papillon’s mission of orphan prevention and family preservation through job creation has proven itself to be a viable solution for the current poverty orphan crisis affecting many developing nations. 

The local Group in Haiti, who made your Bracelets in your Box 

The Process is so beautiful and so detailed that each time you wear your clay made beads you will feel the love that comes from their hands to yours. 

Get your Giv Box this month Here and help more beauty changing lifestyles. Create jobs, and remember it only takes one person to make an impact. That's YOU! 

Thanks Haiti for these beauties. 




 $85 value for only 39.99 U.S. and so much impact. Get your box now.

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