Meet Your March Box Artisans

Say Hello To Artisans From Guatemala! 
They're feeling quite lucky they told me because they found us, and I was lucky enough to design with them I said right back to them. They can't wait for our future trip in 2019 to meet them in person....who's coming with us? 

Creamos group creates opportunities for dignified employment, offers emotional support services, and promotes a community of ongoing education.  Creamos continues to open doors for new participants while continuing to support and nurture the 150 active participants in our organization. The women and mothers have become leaders and change-agents with-in their community and families all from developing handmade items like the Giv Box bracelets all for YOU! 

You've done it again Artisans....we have fallen in love with these amazing up-cycled beaded bracelets the women Artisans love to create so much!

That's why when I showed them my inspiration board for designs for the month of March, they were so excited to have get to work and to have the opportunity to work on some product designs for the Giv Box. I have to say, I think I was more excited to have found such a great groups of Artisans because they need so much. When they sent over the prototypes I was so excited because I thought they nailed it!

They developed exactly the look and feel of the design and with a few pattern changes, boom March was born! They sent over images of the samples below and they were simple, easy, wearable bracelets that were all made from recycled paper and painted to perfection now that's on trend for spring for 2019. Basically they nailed it, and man did they have fun doing it! They sent us photos to prove it!! We love our new friends....don't you? 

Made with love straight from their hands. Here is a bit of the history on how you buying a Giv Box will help with these amazing opportunities for a better life. Here is some history on these talented young ladies. 

The holistic approach aims to tackle the complex obstacles the women encounter. Through our two-pronged approach, we provide income-generating programs and supportive services that focus on emotional health for over 140 women. The hope is by focusing on these two areas of human need, we can provide the opportunity for women to achieve a sustainable form of employment while being more present, caring and effective mothers for their children. 

Creamos group we worked with, works hand in hand with Safe Passage to achieve its mission of providing economic, emotional and educational opportunities of the women who live in the community around the Guatemala City Garbage Dump community. 

Creamos’ income generating program provides an alternative form of income so women no longer resort to working in the hazardous conditions of the garbage dump. The Artisans earn on average 71% more than they would working in the dump. Creamos offers the different income generating opportunities, and making jewelry luckily for us is one of them! We are so glad we could provide more work to these amazing women. We hope you all can spread the mission to all your friends so we can spread the design production some mote to these lovely women. 

Creamos’ emotional support program, Creamos Voces, was created as a means to address the emotional and social challenges women in the community surrounding the garbage dump experience. They believe that women need more than just an income to achieve financial freedom. The program you are helping this month with your Giv Box, they aim to complement our income generating through the following programs:

  • Financial literacy: A workshop that focuses on savings, budgeting, debt management, bank services and economic abuse. Upon graduation of this program, women are eligible for our matched savings program along with individual financial advisement.
  • Individual Support: Consists of 12 one-on-one sessions with a trained therapist to address presenting challenges.
  • Domestic Violence Support Group: A closed confidential group offered to survivors of domestic violence. The group strives to increase knowledge regarding the various factors of violence, enrich women’s perception of safety, and to increase knowledge of access to resources.
  • Mindfulness and Movement Classes: Daily exercise classes are offered including Zumba, aerobics, pound fit, trauma-sensitive yoga and a soccer match. The goal of these programs is to enhance the self-esteem and sense of social support of our participants.


I can't wait to meet them....let's keep providing more and more work for them! We can do this! Together we all can change Sarah who is above with some of your bracelets beads in her hands! 


To shop the box....and help these amazing women have more work...CLICK HERE


THANK YOU ....for changing the world you amazing Givers! Let's go!