Podcast with Jen Clyde of The Giv Box

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On today’s podcast I have the opportunity to introduce you to Jen Clyde of The Giv Box. She teaches us that we can fall in love with ourselves over and over again as we let go of the shame and guilt surrounding our failures and mistakes.  She shares her story beginning as a young married mom with a love of fashion and getting a small business loan, making some mistakes in love, and failures in business, but not giving up. She just keeps getting back up and following her passion. She shares how she believes her belief in herself is rooted in her parents allowing her to make a choice and also allowing her to fail.  She talks about how we can lean into the pain in order to release it and how we can find ourself more though this transformation of our souls. She shares more about The Giv Box and beautiful stories of these women in Chiapas Mexico as well as in Haiti.  And how when we become a part of The Giv Box, we are joining a community of stories, of connections, and empowerment as they worked directly with artisans, building leadership and skills, and how you were a part of creating good as you explore this different way of shopping.

Friends listen and be inspired to fall in love with yourself as you let go of the shame and guilt surrounding your failures and past mistakes, learn how you can keep going despite these failures to keep getting back up and following your passion, as well as allowing those around you to choose and to fail.

Here are some of the listeners favorite quotes from the Podcast. 

"finding ultimate layer of happiness into your life."-Jen Clyde 

"put your power suit on and stop saying sorry."-Jen Clyde

"Do something that scares the crap out of you, because then you know you're on the right path."-Jen Clyde

"Help women trust themselves enough to feel like they can live their true passion."-Jen Clyde 

Download and listen here so you can learn about what gives you the seed of taking risks starting at a young age. As a parent of 4 kids, single mom, Jen clyde shares how shame and guilt will hold you back from your true greater self. 

Download here and listen here. 

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