A July Box full of Surprises

Say hello to our brand new Artisans from Kiglai, Africa. This talented and hard working group is known for crafting beautiful products rooted in their traditional African textiles and patterns. We couldn’t be more excited to create another opportunity for deserving people. 

But that's not the only thing new around here-- To keep you on your toes, we’re mixing it up with July’s Box, and let's just say you’ve got some big surprises coming your way! That’s right, this month we’re kicking off our first ever Five days of Summer Surprise Box. What does that mean you ask? It's simple, you support, we surprise! Each day, for five rad days, we will reveal a new item that’s inside July’s box, including incredible #girlboss giveaways from our Giv Partners (yes, we're squealing too)!

So, let’s get this party started and get personal with our stunning new artisans. Check out, in their very own words, just how impactful your support is to them. 

For these Artisans employment brings a new meaning of everyday life and a stronger community. It provides a chance for better health and opportunity for a more sustainable life. We are excited for long term product designs coming from this beautiful group of empowering women and men.

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Want it right now? Get your surprise Giv Box Here. Each box supports the Artisans of Kiglai, Africa the entire month of July and beyond. Thanks for helping us help them, so go on...wear it, share it, and don't forget who runs the world! 


The Giv Box