The Giv Box Launch-Meet India Artisans

Meet Your Pre-launch Giv Box

The Kantha Purple Beaded Bracelet: 

This repurposed textile bracelet comes with a Wisdom attribute tag, which reads "Wisdom and experience move us towards a more just society. This Wisdom Bracelet embraces the knowledge gained when we engage with each other."


Kantha quilts are a traditional textile found in abundance in India. They are made from layers of worn cotton saris, sewn together with a distinctive, allover running stitch. Artisans transform the fabric scraps into beads for jewelry, which provides new life to a textile that is often discarded. Each Kantha bead has a base made of wood, carved out of scraps gathered from a local furniture factory. We, and the artisans, love sustainable sourcing!

Artisans then hand cover each wooden bead with a colorful piece of Kantha fabric, attaching them securely with a safe adhesive. Excess fabric is trimmed off, and the bead is complete.

The result is a Kantha design as unique as the artisan that crafted it!

What's included this month:

1 Kantha fabric covered beaded bracelet 

1 mini beaded wrap necklace 

1 silver thinny 

1 silver beaded Nepal bracelet 


Limited Time Matching Pieces:

(Ends Nov. 29th 2018 11:59pm or when sold out)

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Meet Roshani 

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