What's The Hot Fashion Trends For 2019

What's Hot For 2019
Just as you were all getting comfortable with those big sweaters and coats and rediscovering the art of layering up those warm accessories, the close of 2018 has got some of us thinking about our must have trends we need to be filling our wardrobes up with for 2019. 
Here are some of the hot trends you need to own for the year 2019. 
1. Tie-Dye
I know, I know we were all surprised at the recurrence of this 60s print. Admittedly, 2019's take on the trend in a hell of a lot chicer ways. The old hippie vibe is out and the chic tie-dye fresh blast of style is in. If you're nervous try in a light scarf, or accessory to ease your way into this fab colorful trend. 
2. Fringing
With last autumn's obsession with the cowboy boot, it was almost inevitable that there would be another western-inspired trend infiltrating our wardrobes next season. Adorning everything from jackets to skirts via handbags and everything in-between. It's a fun trend that you will want to spice up your wardrobe this spring. 
3. Mixed Patterns & Patch Work 
Alongside these about-to-be-popular prints comes the trend where you can mix and match any of them together. It doesn’t matter if you think it makes sense or if it even matches. This bold look isn’t for the faint of heart, but anyone who wears it is sure to turn heads.
Remember with trends you can wear them mix and style with your classic wardrobe pieces. This way it will make it more fun and easy to try these trends and love them for your own personal style. 
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