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So what is the Giv Box and why is it so empowering? 

The Giv Box is EXCLUSIVE, ethically made products worth $100 plus in value for one low price and a whole lot of empowering. 

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Who doesn't love options? I know right?...so we created 4 different ways to subscribe to the Giv Box. You Choose how you want to Giv Back! 

Monthly Subscription: Cancel anytime, Free shipping, Skip a month if needed without any issues, and is billed monthly on the day you choose. 

Annual-12 month pre-paid Subscription: 1 box delivered to your door for 12 months, Free shipping, save $120 a year. 

Bi-Annual-6 month pre-paid Subscription: 1 box delivered each month for 6 months, free shipping, save $

NEW 3 month pre-paid subscription: 1 box delivered each month for 3 months, free shipping, save $20 over 3 months. Perfect for Gifting!