This beautiful Eco (made up of 40% recycled material) Resin Bracelets are two layers of Eco Resin that we in-case different elements from around the world. The inside is what matters most right? Well that's what these resin bracelets are all about, what's inside holds the great value and stories you want to share with everyone! By in-casing these elements from the inside we are preserving the beauty of the story on how it was made and by who, and this holds so much empowerment. 

Products should be more than just stuff, it should provide opportunity, and each skinny you stack on your arm will provide jobs to Artisans around the world, help recycle different elements to keep them out of the landfill or ocean to help the earth's longevity, and or help fight the fight of corona virus through a new fundraiser program attached to each skinny.

1$ per skinny sold will go back to C.D.P. (Center Of Disaster Philanthropy) 

YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE with these Skinnies, how light they are, how they pair well with all your metals, beads, and everything in-between. Something new that you will become addicted too and trust us, you will want more than one! 

Collect the stories that are told with each empowering Skinny! Have fun! Limited supply so start stacking!