Zoom Skinny Surprise Box
Zoom Skinny Surprise Box

Skinny Surprise Box


Surprise Giv Box of different 25 Skinnies, that come from all over the world supporting Artisans crafts to get into the main stream markets. Anything from Fishnet from morocco, to hand weaves from Chiapas, Mexico, you just never know what skinny you will find. The stories are powerful, and who you support is even more empowering, but the style you get is priceless. Have fun, choose a size, get 5 free skinnies with each purchase of one Giv box skinny Surprise.

What's inside: 25 Skinnies of your size that you choose. All from around the world with different elements in-cased in Eco Resin for you to wear and share! Stack away!

Materials: Eco Resin (made up of 40% recycled material)

Where: Artisans from around the world.


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